In Singapore (1)

During the first few days I visited the marina bey quite a lot - there are plenty of things to see there and it took me a while to navigate without Internet. I'll include a few pictures of what you can see in marina bay. But I'll upload more of them on my G+ account.

First of all the bay itself looks great and there are plenty of things to see just there.

However, what really got my breath was the Gardens by the bay, with its flower dome, cloud forest and of course the supertree grove which you can see from afar.

* since I'm posting this with a huge delay you get a spoiler: I'll be seeing the gardens again towards the end of my time in Singapore and the view will be more breathtaking :) - if that's even possible

On the fourth day I made my way to Chinatown, to see a couple of temples

- at least that's all I initially wanted from there but I've been going there everyday since. I just love the variety of food available (it's cheap too), or it might have something to do with the free Wi-Fi they have covering almost the entire neighborhood - partly why I've been able to stay sane without mobile Internet.

A few days after this, I finally gave in and bought a local SIM card. I must say life is magical with mobile Internet.

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