Singapore (3)

Thursday was spent on Sentosa island. The most amazing place of them all. Finally got to try the flying trapeze - I'm totally going back.:D as well as a few other attractions. Totally going back for more trapeze swings and to check out the rides in MegaZip park.

I was really looking forward to going there not only because I had heard of all the great things there are to do there, but I was anxious about trying their trapeze. I'd go as far as saying the entire island is an entire adventure park. It's not really, but it feels that way.

I had bought myself a fun pass allowing me to go on several of their rides so I wanted to make sure I get through those first. A few highlights from the “rides” included in my pass:

- some good 3D-cinema. 2 of 3 is how 3D-cinema should be done. My critique for the one that I didn't like: Those special effects are there to make the audience they are part of the action, and if the movie is following a group of people I should be made to feel like I am one of them. When one of the main characters stabbed a giant lizard, I don't know what inspired them but they felt the need to make me feel the stabbing sensation as well. Why?

- the aquarium. Best aquarium I've seen so far. There were even some bits so serene calming, I could have stayed there all day. The only thing missing is a conveyor belt like they have in Edinburgh's Deep Sea World.

At first I thought the legs were a prop, but it was a real person. There were employees all over the place carefully cleaning the tanks. Was happy to see they try to take good care of the fish.

If they had some benches in front of this tank I could sit there for hours. I really liked the atmosphere.

Fishies!!! :)

- the butterfly park, nice but small and bloody butterflies kept flying away so I couldn't take a single picture of them… so annoying

I guess someone else had it with the butterflies escaping as well. :( I'll admit it's easier to photograph them this way.

- and of course, last but not least the trapeze. Only did one swing this time as I was running short on time. Over the rest of my time in Singapore I went to Sentosa quite few times for more trapeze training. More about this, in a future post.

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