Singapore (2)

Later in the first week I decided to venture further form the city center so I picked a few places in the West side of the city: Discover Singapore, Jurong Bird Park and the Chinese and Japanese gardens.

As per ususal, I only managed to leave the hostel at noon. Add an 1h journey time and it was already pretty late, but I figured the gardens probably don't have closing time so I would be able to stay out a little late.

I don't why but I expected Dicover Singapore to be a more sciency museum - something related to science developments that happened in Singapore. It was in fact about, well, Singapore. Surprising, right? To be more specific, it was about Singapore's journey as an independent nation. It was somewhat intereseting, but it didin't really capture my attention as much as other places I have been to. One thing that was very enteratining was a shooting for which they had rigged real guns to play with. Even got some pictures (I'm thinking new profile pictures for FB ;)) ):

Just remember, I'm damn dangerous >:)

Moving on to Jurong Bird Park. It's one of my favourite things I've done/seen in Singapore. If I move there, I'm totally getting one of those year-long passes so that I can go in whenver I want. Just a few things I've seen there is a birds of prey show

and I got to feed the lorries. I even tried to train them to stand on my arm and on my shoulder while I feed them:

I'm a true bird whisperer indeed. :D

Sadly, I didn't get to finish visiting the bird park because they had to close and the security people there gave me and some other late visitors a ride to the main entrance. By now I was too tired to go to the Chinese and Japanese gardens as I would have had to make my way to another bus and it was getting rather late so decided to leave that for another day. Somewhow - in my head - I had all the in the world. True at the time, but in the end I didn't visit the gardens at all, as I was told by loacals that they weren't worth visiting.

In the end no garden visiting for me :( - I guess I have to leave some things for next visits to Singapore :D

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