Why I wanted to do an internship

Why are we(students) doing an internship? Why aren't we just going to the beach and enjoying our summer? Well, some of us are doing this for the money, for the experience, for impressing future employers or maybe there's a company we would like to work for and this is an excellent opportunity to spend some time with them.
In my case it's a bit of everything. Since I started university I knew (or thought) that having an internship is imperative to finding a job when I graduate (I guess it's not really but it greatly improves your chances). I'm actually surprised when I hear other students say they haven't yet decided if they're going to do an internship over the summer.
While I was internship hunting, I starting seeing the value of an internship: the experience I would be getting would help me to step in the industry and be prepared for what I would find. Beginnings can be slow, but practice makes perfect so I starting a job is not going to be so much of a shock. Like on many other occasions I believe that working harder now will make life easier for me later.
I got offered an internship with an amazing company, so now I'm just trying to take advantage of where I am and trying to learn as much as possible in this short amount of time. I'm happy about how things are going, and even if I get annoyed when my code isn't working I wouldn't want to change anything about this experience.

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