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For my next day in Singapore there's nothing much to say so this post will be short and sweet but I'll make up for it with lots of photos and maybe even some videos.

I spent the day at the zoo and finished off with nighty safari. Don't believe TripAdvisor when they say 2-3 hours… Neither of them.

Anyways, sit back, keep scrolling and enjoy :)

The zoo was one of most impressive zoos I've visited (not that I've visited that many).

White tiger chillin'


Playing hide-and-seek .

Creatures of the deep… sort of

Knowing their neighbors

Sorry guys. Nature must be one of those man-hating feminist :P

Lazy ***

I like how the taimers/keepers were just hanging out with the elephants.

More Zoo visitors :)))

One (several?) big happy family

Reminds me of childhood - I used to love climbing trees

I know I'm supposed to show happy-happy pictures from my happy-happy vacation, but I don't want to brush this guy aside. Meet the polar bear at the Singapore Zoo. :( Out of all the animals I've seen, this is the one I felt most sorry for. I'm sure that behind the glass there is plenty of cool air, but he's still an animal from a very cold climate brought into one of the hottest place on Earth. That simple idea is cruel. :(

I bet these guys are not as miserable as the polar bear


What are you looking at?

Jet lag

Better work ethics from the lioness :)

Found Pinocchio!!!

Just wanted to show off their play-ground.

On to Night Safari. Night Safari is also Zoo that you visit at night. The animals are not in cages per-se but they are kept in their spaces by gaps, fake rivers and other natural-looking fences so you get a feel of walking through a jungle. They also have shuttles that circuit the zoo and you can hop on and off or explore on foot as much as you want. The place is a great idea and the person that came up with it is a genius.

Just for the record, the fun part is not the animals you see - some of them are hard to spot in the dark whilst the others are simply sleeping. I know Night Safari is supposed to feature mostly nocturnal animals, but I swear some were sleeping.

Oh, and speaking of sleeping animals… Dear Night Safari, if the tiger wants to sleep, let the tiger sleep. It doesn't have to snack when you want to, just so a handful of people get a snapshot.

Back to what I was saying… The fun part of Night Safari is more about walking through the jungle in the dark (yes, you have a lit path but the rest is pitch dark).

Final thing I feel the need to mention is that I've never stayed in such a long queue as the one for Night Safari shuttle and I hope to never have to stay through anything similar again. It took 30 minutes to get on -while shuttle after shuttle full of visitors left the station.

Sadly I didn't take any photos on Night Safari. IT was an amazing experience and I didn't want to live it from behind a camera. Hope that's understandable.

That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I leave you with the video collage I made to give you a better idea of that the Zoo is like.

*This video took ages to make and upload, but now that it's done I can work on catching up on blogging about my vacation.

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