Non-vacation related update

Thank you for still being around. As much as I'm trying to keep this up to date I keep getting further and further behind on my update schedule. I'm very, very sorry. However, don't think it's because I'm slacking off. I'm working on allowing people to omment on what I post.

I've done a preliminary version of the comments system but you would need to authenticate to post. This means I'm going to ask you to create user accounts, so I want to make sure they're secure and to do that I'll have to redesign the user database and improve password encrryption. I'm currently trying to educate myself on the best practices of developing an authetication system. Still, I'm on vacation so it's going slow. Sorry.

In case you're wondering why I'm not using Facebook and/or Google authetication, I will but wanted to get my own in place first. I promise that if I'm not done by Wednesday, I'll add Facebook authentication. I know it's a long time to wait but I'm still on vacation - I'll be happy to get any time with my laptop this week.

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