Singapore (5)

Hello friends,

Still checking my blog? Great! I know I haven't been the most timely person in updating you on my vacation but I have some cool pictures and videos to show you and you'll see them later on.

I've been dragging Singapore for ages but that's because it was an awesome place and I did a lot there. I also had my chill-out lazy days, my “it's rainy so I can't go out” days and I even had a few days when my plans had to be postponed for various reasons (I promise to save the entire address of places from now on :)) ).

I promise to be done with Singapore in the next 2-3 posts.

After my trip to the Zoo I went back to Sentosa island - I still had a few rides that I had skipped during my previous visit. I'm talking about MegaZip Park with it's MegaJump (jumping from a very tall tower, can't remember how tall, I'm guesstimating about 15m), MegaClimb (a set of suspended obstacle courses) and of course MegaZip (a somewhat long zip-line). Oh, and let's not forget MegaBounce (one of those trampoline where you wear a harness). Cool thing: the guy that
was supervising Mega made me realize I am relying a lot on my hands when
I try to flip, which I'm not surprised to learn but I wasn't aware of. Must work on fixing this. Challenge accepted!!!

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to carry my camera with me so I don't have any pictures but I leave you with this video from MegaZip :)

In the evening I went training with the Singapore Parkour club because yes, I started doing parkour. Again no photos from during training mainly because I'm at kindergarden level and I'll wait to have something to show off before sharing any pictures or videos.

However, I must say that the people I met at the parkour club are amazing. Some are beginners, just like me, whilst others have been doing this since forever and, damn, they can do some crazy stuff. And they're all fun to hang with. Literally… []

I think from this point on my days started getting into a routine - similar but not the same- and looked mostly like early (i.e. noon) hike, then rushing to Sentosa - we'll leave why for later, then rushing for my evening activities - more details about these in a future post ;)

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